This is the Bayside Live TV Trailer.
Its a short story that takes us back to our humble beginnings and the actual moment that the idea of  a neighborhood, community based web TV channel was born and takes us through the achievements and involvements and enhancements and empowerments that the enterprise has been part of.

BaysideLiveTV.com is proud to present  "The Pop Up Show" live from Nippon Cha located right in the heart of Bayside at the intersection of Bell Blvd and 40th Ave.

This episode of The Pop Up Show is brought to us by Bayside Live TV's Health and Wellness partner Epic4Health.com and Verizon Best Wireless US, Bayside Live TV's wireless technology parttner and features interviews with Host Crystal Long and with commentary from Victor Mimoni.

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Few know that Bayside has a growing Lacrosse sports league that centers out of the sports bubble down at the Bay Terrace Community Center. This addition to Bayside Showcase will shine the spotlight on why kids love to play there, and the fantastic staff behind the scenes who make it all possible.
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2018 Bayside Historical Society Art Show
The Living Legends of Bayside: Butch Seewagen
Rockjunky performs “Cruise” at LOCAL
Mr. Spagnuoli’s Moving Image Class at MS 74