2018 Bayside Open Tennis Tournament 
& Bayside Juniors Open 

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Gregg Sullivan of Bayside Live TV interviews Annette Vallone at Landrum's 70th Anniversary Show

The Landrum School of Dance celebrated its 70th Anniversary with a stunning gala dance concert in a packed auditorium at Queens Collage . Here is an interview with Annette Vallone , Owner and Director of the Landrum School of Dance taken at the close of the recital.

This is the Bayside Live TV Trailer.
Its a short story that takes us back to our humble beginnings and the actual moment that the idea of  a neighborhood, community based web TV channel was born and takes us through the achievements and involvements and enhancements and empowerments that the enterprise has been part of.

Bayside showed its salt when Hurricane Harvey hit America's gulf coast and devastated our southern shores and the little town of Bayside, Texas by being one of the very first communities to immediately rise to the occassion and start an emergency relief drive.

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The 2018 Bayside Little League Championship Game
“The Pop Up Show” from Nippon Cha
Living Legends of Bayside: John Ryan and Mark Boccia
The Living Legends of Bayside: Butch Seewagen