Code Blue

December 6, 2017 CODE BLUE: An Alert sent out by many social services agencies overseeing the homeless when the temperature outside is predicted to drop below 32' and freezing, causing a dangerous and life threatening situation to those without shelter or adequate heat. During a Code Blue alert, certain city agency case workers are required to check in on their homeless every two hours throughout the night to make sure they are remaining safe and not in life threatening despair. Janet and...

Senator Avella Press Conference on Bioswales

August 16, 2017 Senator Tony Avella held a press conference detailing the issue of the Bioswales NYC is preparing to install throughout the city in places where the downsides far outweigh any good benefit they were purported to hold. Bioswales are curbside installations that funnel the rain water drain off into the local ground as opposed to funneling it into the drains feeding our sewer system, Though the concept sounds good the effects these local water drains can have on the local water t...

Graziano Files Claims of Election Process Infractions On Vallone

election fraud, paul vallone, election infractions, July 2017
July 27, 2017 Bayside Live TV has just acquired a copy of a request for Judicial Intervention filed in New York State Supreme Court today by candidate Paul Graziano against incumbent candidate Councilman Paul Vallone alleging election process infractions citing violations and discrepancies in signature acquisition required to place Vallone on the ballot in this upcoming September's election for City Council. Graziano , a ferocious public advocate and urban planner has been fighting aga...

Community Activists’ “Call to Action” to Change the Condition of the Fort Totten Jetty

Community Activists Speak Up about the Jetty
July 23, 2017 Ladies and Gentleman, Bayside, and Whitestone, and Douglaston and surrounding all of us in Queens is a land with a very rich heritage and people with a long history of exemplifying a uniquely American Spirit. Our American Spirit is that demonstration of the very ideals our Founding Fathers fought for, to provide a new nation with a new way of living. That truly All American Spirit that's so clearly and admirably demonstrated here in Bayside and in evidence all around us is a re...

Community Affairs: Bayside High School Rose Garden Dedication

June 8, 2017 The Friends of Bayside High School honored the life and legacy of Bayside's late French teacher Ms. Alice C. Hartley with a lovely new rose garden in front of the school. This dedication ceremony not only opened the garden, but held a small scholarship award ceremony for two current Bayside students for their outstanding work. .embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; } .embed-container iframe, .embed-container...