Bayside Comes to the Rescue: Hurricane Harvey Relief Drive

May 24, 2018 Bayside showed its salt when Hurricane Harvey hit America's gulf coast and devastated our southern shores and the little town of Bayside, Texas by being one of the very first communities to immediately rise to the occassion and start an emergency relief drive. Here is a short 5 minute version of a soon to be released documentary about the people, places, organizations and events involved in Bayside's emergency relief effort that resulted in a warehouse of much needed supplies ...

2018 Bayside Historical Society Art Show

January 17, 2018 The Bayside Historic Society hosted yet another great art show. With one of the best turn outs the art show has ever seen, people from all over Bayside came down to Fort Totten to take a peak of the great artists of Bayside. Who knew that our own Senator Tony Avella was a talented artist? Who knew that a new generation of. "Digital Artists" are springing up on the scene and there's a new genre of art being created by programming computer code that's being recognized by the ar...

Bombers Lacrosse

January 10, 2018 Few know that Bayside has a growing Lacrosse sports league that centers out of the sports bubble down at the Bay Terrace Community Center . What follows are a series of video documentaries introducing us to the players and founders of the league and the game itself . These documentaries are being brought to you by our new technology partner Best Wireless US , Authorized Verizon Retailer located at Bell Blvd and 40th Ave. and our new health and wellness partner Epic4Hea...