2018 Independence Day Fireworks Celebration at Fort Totten

Here is this years documentary on Bayside’s Independence Day Celebration and Fireworks put on down at Fort Totten by Councilman Paul Vallone and The Bayside Historical Society, featuring the music and magical night shared by 15,000 people Livestreams   Welcome to the Fort Totten Fireworks! Come take a walk with BaysideLiveTV.     A moment […]

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Bayside Comes to the Rescue: Hurricane Harvey Relief Drive

May 24, 2018 Bayside showed its salt when Hurricane Harvey hit America’s gulf coast and devastated our southern shores and the little town of Bayside, Texas by being one of the very first communities to immediately rise to the occassion and start an emergency relief drive. Here is a short 5 minute version of a […]

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Saint Patrick’s Day Parade 2018

March 24, 2018 Each year Bayside St. Patrick’s Day Parade marches down Bell Boulevard spreading the luck of the Irish throughout all of Bayside and Northeast Queens. Here is the video of our events on 2018. Hope to see you at the parade next March!

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2017 Children’s Holiday Parade

January 7, 2017 To all: Here is one of the first of a whole series of year end videos going up about our Bayside. This is part #1 of this years 2017 Children’s Holiday Parade. Part #1 literally puts you in the center of the parade and has you walking amongst the crowd and marching […]

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Gregg interviews members of the Bayside Historic Society Board at Ft Totten Fireworks 2017

June 28, 2017 Gregg Sullivan stops by the Bayside Historical Society booth on the way into the 2017 Fort Totten Independence Day Fireworks Celebration to say hi to some of the people who made the event possible. This short interview gives great incite on how the event came together, a quick history lesson about the […]

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