Bayside Historical Society – “From the Archives: Bayside Yacht Club”

President Paul DiBenedetto Entering Fourth of July Weekend here at Bayside Live TV, we want to show you a very special event that took place at the Bayside Historical Society. The Bayside Yacht Club was one of the cornerstones of Bayside culture throughout the 20th century. It was home to a large pool, numerous tournaments […]

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Bayside Historical Society

January 2019 The Bayside Historic Society hosted yet another great art show. With one of the best turn outs the art show has ever seen, people from all over Bayside came down to Fort Totten to take a peak of the great artists of Bayside. Who knew that a new generation of. “Digital Artists” are springing up […]

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A Behind The Scenes Look At Desperate Measures, BaysideLiveTV Style

July 18, 2018 Bayside Live TV is proud to be bringing the cast of the off Broadway Show “Desperate Measures” to the Bayside Arts Center . Here, in an unprecedented sequence of videos, BaysideLiveTV demonstrates its trademark style of taking you behind the behind the scenes , to give you a first hand , up […]

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Vox Lumiere Trattoria

Vox Lumiere Pre-Show Dining at Trattoria 35

  April 21, 2017 Incredible things are happening on Bell Blvd in the heart of Bayside thanks to the relentless determination of a small number dedicated Baysider’s who are forming the Bayside Council for the Arts and bringing us the Bayside Arts Center where incredibly exciting events are being produced for the enjoyment of everyone […]

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Lou Duro – The Great Writers of Bayside

July 22, 2017 Bayside Live TV is proud to present a very Special Presentation “Lou Duro, The Great Writers of Bayside.” This Special Presentation highlights one of the greatest and most noteworthy writers to ever come out of our hometown. This highly successful published author with a fascinating life and unique, down home style of […]

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