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pet food lifeline logoPet Food Lifeline Shelter and Adoption Series
BaysideLiveTV is a proud partner of Pet Food Lifeline. In this series,             BaysideLiveTV takes you behind the scenes of adoption centers, and           showcases various pet adoptions.


iving Legends Gold

The Living Legends of Bayside
Bayside is full of legends, in this series, host Gregg P. Sullivan takes you inside the lives of these special people to hear their stories and see the work they are doing for the community.

Salano Street Wise Solano Street Wise
Dave Solano grabs BaysideLiveTV’s open mic to do his own interviews and       launch his own platform for social change.
A Be Heard by BaysideLiveTV Production

Lou’s Corner
Host Lou Cattaruza, one the most entertaining Baysiders out there, takes to the streets to get public opinion and spread public insight.
A Be Heard by BaysideLiveTV Production


The Musicians of Bayside
Another thing to love and be absolutely amazed by about our town is the caliber musicians that home base out of Bayside and can be heard any given night of the week. From  the Skeedle Brothers and Rock Junkie with Mike Skeedle and Sean Dolan To Chicken Head with Paul DiBenetto to The Mikey K Project with Michael Kormousis to Broadway Show composure Brett Roleoff  and so many more . Here is a just a small sample of the music of Bayside.

Artisans of Bayside Long

The Artisans of Bayside
Bayside stands out as a community that has not only been a magnet for the rich and famous , notorious and noteworthy it’s also produced some of the greatest talents and artists in the land . From famous writers to craftsman to singers and musicians to actors to painters the level of extraordinary talent and creativity to come out of Bayside and Queens is something we can all take great pride in. As a thank you for all Bayside has brought to us, BaysideLiveTV now brings you the stories and documentaries of those among us who are rising to the top through their art in our section ” The Artisans of Bayside” .