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The story of Bayside is waiting to be told. Before Columbus discovered "The New World" there was the ancient and indigenous world of the native Indians, then there were the first settlers and the farm lands , and then came the American Revolution, and the creation of Fort Totten and Bayside during the the Civil War. There are the great founding families of our area, the Lawrences and the Bells, the Cord and the Meyer families, then came the turn of the century and the great Gatsby Era in Bayside when the Bayside Yacht became the western edge of the Great Gold Coast of wealth along Long Island's north shore, and the conversion of Bayside from farm land to the towering high rises of Bay Terrace and creation of the shopping center . then came the era of the Silent Movies when Bayside became the home of the first great movie stars like Rudolf Valentino and Theda Bara , followed by the first stars of "The Talkies" with Gloria Swanson, Marie Dessler, Norma Talmadge, Grocho Marks and more.

Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme
"Welcome to Beautiful Bayside" Sign on Bell Boulevard

Then there was Bayside during the great world wars when local Corporal Stone and Corporal Kennedy made their mark in valor on the battlefield, and the Baby Booming Bayside of the 1950's and 1960' s and the rise of the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts and there is the Bayside of today and the ongoing changes along the boulevard and the stories of the families like the Gargan family that have been here for multiple generations, and those who've moved here for the first time. We want to tell their stories as well. We have local video producers and editors out of work because of the pandemic that could be employed to help us produce this ongoing documentary for us , along with an education program that can teach students how to become producers and directors and editors themselves and then employ them. The cost of continuing our student education program along with a living and ongoing documentary like the Bayside Story could and should be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. We believe, by educating and employing locally we can give a number of local people sustainable full time, along with part time jobs while also producing a documentary about our town and the people in it worthy of a Ken Burns production and that it can be done for less than $20,000. that is why we are asking for your support in documenting and enhancing the Bayside Lifestyle.

  1. “The Bayside Story” Community Documentary Campaign

    Like any major feature film or TV documentary, there’s the cost of production that the producers have to raise. The money we raise here will go back into the community to local producers, local researchers, local editors and equipment to produce a high quality documentary about Bayside, Whitestone and Northeast Queens and kick start off the ongoing and continuous story sharing about the people in our town. Please help us give this present to our community that deserves it and help us provide this employment to the locals that need it with a donation in the suggested amounts below, and receive the value that’s detailed in the list of donation benefits. Together, we can do a lot for the livelihoods of our community, and wind up with a great, pride producing present at that same time but we need your help. Thank you.

    $300.00 donated of $20,000.00 goal

We can have that Bayside Center for the Arts with wonderful,  lifestyle enriching, Arts, Culture and Entertainment (A.C.E) events taking place all the time. We can have that production center, producing live and pre-recorded content coming right out of Bayside, and not just for webcasting to Bayside over BaysideLiveTV, but over cable channels like the Comedy Channel, owned by Discovery. We can expand our education programs not just for our local students but for local residents that want to learn how to produce their own content, becoming internet legends on their own. We can create some very cool jobs for Bayside based programmers and producers. It's going to need your help. It's going to take a village to make the magic happen.

We need new computers for the students, we need dedicated high speed internet service and equipment for the production studio on Bell Blvd so that anybody who'd like to produce their own shows or YouTube videos can come down and be a star.

Please play a part in making this happen and donate to this community utility that's been created for all of us. Though any donation of any denomination is accepted and greatly appreciated , here are some suggested amounts that will give bonuses of gratitude.

Suggested Amounts & Rewards

  • Donate $25 and get your name listed as a "Contributor"
  • Donate $ 50 and get your name listed as a Contributor and receive a BaysideLiveTV T-Shirt
  • Donate $75 and get all of the above and a cameo guest appearance on one of BaysideLiveTV's shows
  • Donate $ 100 and get personally interviewed in BaysideLiveTV's studios and have that interview shared over Bayside's Social Media channels
  • Donate $500 and we'll interview you at your store or home or location of your choice (within a 10 mile radius ) and showcase your interview on BaysideLiveTV's Feature Video spot on the homepage.
  • Education and Employment --  Learn how to become a Producer, Director or Video Editor.
    Contribute $3,500 and you'll receive personal, on the job training from QueensLiveTV Executive Producers in how to produce, direct and edit your own content and once your training is complete, you'll become an in-house producer for QueensLiveTV and get paid for the videos you produce for QueensLiveTV and receive job placement services when applicable.
    We take pride and pleasure in launching meaningful and rewarding careers in news, education and entertainment content production!! 


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There are so many things that make Bayside stand out , it has one of the best school districts in the city with the 111th Pct having one of the lowest crime rates in New York and Bayside has an incredibly rich history, it's got historic Fort Totten, beautiful Crocheron Park and its watefront stretched along Little Neck Bay and now, it's the first neighborhood to have its own Community TV  Channel on the web. Live TV provides such added value to the town and its residents by enhancing its sense of community, strengthening the connection betweet the local residents and their local commerce, it gives the residents a voice that can effect change and influence over the course of local events and civic proposals (as it proved with the shutting down of an unwanted high school proposal for the Bayside Jewish center site on 32nd Ave) so it's now a community with clout and it's just plain fun.But it needs your support.Please play your part and contribute to the health and prosperity of your community by making a donation of any denomination to help us help Bayside and provide it with this dynamic and game changing asset.  The whole community will thank you. All donors will be listed and thanked in our "Donors" page unless you specifically ask to remain anonymous .