Interview with Richie Byrne

Here's an interview with Headliner, Comedian, Singer and all around renaissance guy Richie Byrne .
Richie will be appearing at Bayside's New Comedy Club in The Magnolia Room upstairs in Bourbon Street on Bell Blvd .
These are amazing events taking place on Bell Blvd while we're in the midst of an incredible growth period and these are without a doubt the times people will cherish and look back at with the fondest of memories as the best days to have been on Bell Blvd in Bayside
Check in while you're still alive 😉


Ed is known and followed by many for his talents and style and all the memorable nights he brought to so many as a Master DJ over at Sly Fox by St. John's University and other places across Long Island.When described by other DJs and fans, the words "He Just Gets It" are often used.We caught up with Ed over at Supper Room one evening before he started his night and did this interview with him. We dare you to try to Not Dance when he's playing.

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