2017 Children’s Holiday Parade

January 7, 2017

To all:
Here is one of the first of a whole series of year end videos going up about our Bayside. This is part #1 of this years 2017 Children's Holiday Parade. Part #1 literally puts you in the center of the parade and has you walking amongst the crowd and marching along, shoulder to shoulder with the NYPD Marching Band. If you weren't there you'll feel like you were, and if you were there you'll see yourself in this video, probably multiple times throughout the length of the parade.

There's something new that you'll notice at the beginning and throughout this and other videos about to come out that benchmarks a wonderful change and addition to our Bayside Live TV operations and emphasis.
First you'll notice that Bayside Live TV now has a new technology partner with Verizon , Best Wireless US coming on board to help us upgrade our ability to stream live events with better resolution and clarity and faster speeds, and you'll also notice the first mention of our Health and Wellness partner Epic 4 Health .
This upcoming year of 2018 Bayside Live TV will be concentrating on our health and what we need to do as a community and as individuals to upgrade and safeguard our lives through a more evolved consciousness about what we put into our bodies and how we treat them.

All the upgrading in the world, from our production cameras and editing equipment and streaming wifi speeds, to our social media etiquette and the caliber of our conversations and behaviors towards each other won't mean a thing if we don't take care of ourselves and elevate our consciousness to better ways of living. So, Bayside Live TV is taking on Health and Wellness as its cause for 2018 in the hopes that through the power and influence of our social media and reach, we might make a significant contribution to the quality of Bayside Life, through Health and Nutrition education and all that Bayside has to offer us .
So, enjoy the following posts of the Bayside Children's Holiday Parade and stay tuned in as we explore healthier alternative Bayside Lifestyles and the nutrition and exercise options we have at our fingertips here in Bayside and with the education provided by folks at "epic 4 health" .

We had to cut part 2 into multiple segments to do justice to the speakers and the performers and different schools so we could give each it's own full video. So start here with the opening ceremonies and the tree and Menorah lighting at the LIRR Bayside Train Station , see if you can find yourself in ten crowd if you were there or see if you can spot your friends who went even if you were not there and check out the individual performances by P.S 31 and P.S 41 and the dance schools. Also, start to keep your eye on Epic 4 Health and Verizon Best Wireless US because they're about to make a huge contribution to our consciousness and ability to communicate.

All Performances from the Ceremony


December 3, 2017

For the fourth consecutive holiday season, Bayside's Holiday Parade marched down Bell Boulevard to light the Bayside train station's Christmas tree and celebrate the arrival of the holiday season with prayers, dances and performances. BaysideLiveTV cameras and cell phones were rolling, as the whole event was live streamed to Facebook live, with a fully edited documentary on its way! While you are waiting for the documentary, take a look at some of the photos and the livestream from the event, and be sure to join the conversation over on the BaysideLiveTV.com Facebook page, and in the comments section below!

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