2018 Bayside Historical Society Art Show

January 17, 2018

The Bayside Historic Society hosted yet another great art show. With one of the best turn outs the art show has ever seen, people from all over Bayside came down to Fort Totten to take a peak of the great artists of Bayside. Who knew that our own Senator Tony Avella was a talented artist? Who knew that a new generation of. "Digital Artists" are springing up on the scene and there's a new genre of art being created by programming computer code that's being recognized by the art community for it's merits? Check out the video of the Bayside High school Digital Arts Dept and the work they have on display down at the show. Most of all, watch our favorite Bayside , Paul DiBennedetto (aka, Paulie Coconuts) as he interviews some ion hurt better known Artists and Dave Solano, one of Bayside's greatest advocates and activist as he interviews the Bayside High School Students, but just watch these videos. They're fun !! 

Here are the videos that tell the story.

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