Senator Avella Press Conference on Bioswales

August 16, 2017

Senator Tony Avella held a press conference detailing the issue of the Bioswales NYC is preparing to install throughout the city in places where the downsides far outweigh any good benefit they were purported to hold.
Bioswales are curbside installations that funnel the rain water drain off into the local ground as opposed to funneling it into the drains feeding our sewer system, Though the concept sounds good the effects these local water drains can have on the local water table that in many cases in Northeast Queens is capped with a layer of clay is disastrous . The clay erosion results in massive sinkhole creation. That, along with the disruption of parking and debris collection in the bioswale grating cause pollution , loss of parking, inconvenience and threaten private home infrastructure at the street level.
Here is a gallery of photographs of the press conference that accompany the video posted on the site of the conference in its entirety. Along with Senator Avella’s opening statements you’ll hear testimony from community volunteer, activist and local program director with The Friends of Fort Totten Joe Branzetti, homeowner Etna Harris, Peter Kaufman scientist and local homeowner, Bob Friedrick, President of Glen Oaks Village , Jerry Wind, Bellrose/ Hillside Civic Association, Queens Colony Civic Association, Frank Toner, Rocky Hill Civic Association, Beverly McDermott, Cassena Park Civic Association, Barbara Embriano, Barcol Civic Association , Linda Valentino, Holliswood Civic Association, Northeast Flushing Civic Association, and Utopia Estates Civic Association

More Photos from the Event

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