Bayside Historical Society – “From the Archives: Bayside Yacht Club”

President Paul DiBenedetto

Entering Fourth of July Weekend here at Bayside Live TV, we want to show you a very special event that took place at the Bayside Historical Society. The Bayside Yacht Club was one of the cornerstones of Bayside culture throughout the 20th century. It was home to a large pool, numerous tournaments and events, but most importantly comoradory. Bayside Historic Society President Paul "Paulie Coconuts" DiBenedetto takes us on a tour of the new "From the Archives: Bayside Yacht Club" exhibit, and gives us a little more information on the club's history.

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Harvey Ngai

In this video, Bayside Historic Society Archivist Harvey Ngai tells us about creating the exhbit and all the interesting tasks an archivist might have to ensure relics are well maintained and ready for public display. You can catch part three of this series tomorrow at 12 noon. So be sure to tune in! Special thanks to Prodigy Learning Center, Martha's Country Bakery, and One Station Plaza for sponsoring this video and making what we do possible.

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Club Member Michael Robinson

In this video, club member Michael Robinson gives us a first hand account of the final sail boat race in the club's history, as well as speaks about how his entire family is connected through the club. Special thanks to Martha's Country Bakery, Monahan & Fitzgerald, and Supper Room for sponsoring this video and making what we do possible.

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