Code Blue

December 6, 2017

CODE BLUE: An Alert sent out by many social services agencies overseeing the homeless when the temperature outside is predicted to drop below 32′ and freezing, causing a dangerous and life threatening situation to those without shelter or adequate heat.
During a Code Blue alert, certain city agency case workers are required to check in on their homeless every two hours throughout the night to make sure they are remaining safe and not in life threatening despair.

Janet and Sean, Bayside’s homeless couple down at Fort Totten just became subject to a Code Blue and it is with pleasure that I can inform everyone that thanks to a social service group called “Breaking Ground’ , a caring and able case worker named Alix (not Alex) and his staff, Janet is now sleeping safely and comfortably in a YMCA, soon to be upgraded to a safe house where she will have her own quarters and will never go back out on the streets to be homeless again and thanks to the caring residents of Bayside, a few trustworthy and comradely members of our own Bayside Queens Facebook group , utilizing the power of our social media for good, Sean has willingly agreed to accept our help and will; be moving to a temporary room of his own and with everyone’s blessing and help, will be moving on to another state of his own desire to seek a new opportunity to integrate himself productively back into society.

It took a lot of gentle and compassionate conversation, a lot of listening and time spent down at Fort Totten, being stuck in horrendous , gridlocked traffic multiple times during trips to the 109th Pct in Flushing, a number of trips to different motels and visits to the homeless encampment down in Fort Totten, some slices of pizza, some coffee and donuts, some Egg McMuffins and some promises to be there for them, but we got it done.
We didn’t do Nothing , we did Something and that’s all it took to effect some positive change and to appropriately handle and eliminate our homeless issue and concerns.
We’ll be posting more details about Sean’s accommodations and what we need the funds from the Go Fund me for , but rejoice friends and neighbors, Gail Mandell, Dan Harris and all the others that cared enough to push us . Within another day or two you won’t see any signs of our homeless and lost souls down at the entrance to Fort Totten because they will be safe and sound in appropriate shelter . and most of all, it’s getting done with dignity for all.

Update: December 13, 2017

We’ve reached the 1/2 way point for the money we’d like to raise. We’re preparing an itemized breakdown of expenses to present, and continuing to report on the developments over

Update: December 14, 2017

It started here and now we are in the papers! Be sure to check out this article in the Times Ledger or pick up a physical copy of it to read all about the amazing journey our own Gregg P Sullivan took to help the homeless. The holidays is all about helping each other out and spreading joy, and this is an exemplary example of that. Happy Holidays everyone!

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