Coding Education Comes To Bayside

What makes one community more desirable than other?
When families look to move, what do they look for?
Safe neighborhood, great schools. Bayside has both.

A good education is so important for our kids, and for us.

I’m not going to call it a privilege of living in an affluent neighborhood, but it certainly is a perk to have another educational resource to teach us and our kids skills that will help them navigate an ever changing and computerized world.

You may have seen the signs peppered around town announcing The Grand Opening of – The Coder School.
This announcement is a great one for Bayside,
And for Whitestone, Flushing, Douglaston and all of Northeast Queens actually.

Today’s trend for kids (and smart adults) is Coding .
It’s the language of computers
and the language of the future
and serves our kids for them to be the best at it.
To augment what the schools do not teach ,
here is our local computer programming school for our kids to get a great head start.

The Grand Opening of Bayside’s new computer education school is tomorrow at 36-35 Bell Blvd between 1-3 p.m
Come to the Grand Opening Party
and educate yourself about the skills you want your kids to have.


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