Graziano Files Claims of Election Process Infractions On Vallone

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July 27, 2017

Paul Graziano, Candidate for City Council                        Photo by: Queens Crap

Bayside Live TV has just acquired a copy of a request for Judicial Intervention filed in New York State Supreme Court today by candidate Paul Graziano against incumbent candidate Councilman Paul Vallone alleging election process infractions citing violations and discrepancies in signature acquisition required to place Vallone on the ballot in this upcoming September’s election for City Council.

Graziano , a ferocious public advocate and urban planner has been fighting against Vallone for some time reports that he and others witnessed under age volunteers collecting signatures during this years 4th of July Fireworks Celebration down at Fort Totten and claims many of the signatures appear to be from the same handwriting .

Graziano’s claims if found correct could potentially remove Vallone from the ballot in this upcoming election, if found incorrect could damage Graziano’s credibility and lessen his chances in the election. Its all politics.

A few of the pages of the petition have been attached here. (Click to Enlarge)

Graziano taking on Vallone in this manner will be something you’ll be seeing on every local TV channel and local Paper but brought to you first by Bayside Live TV.

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