A Bayside Live TV Special Feature Event: The 2nd Annual Independence Day Fireworks Celebration from Fort Totten – A Short Film

July 29, 2016
To All Our Family, Friends and Fans of Bayside Live TV,
We are very pleased to be able to bring you this Special Feature Presentation of Bayside’s First Short Film
produced for YOU about your home town and most importantly, about “The Life and Times” of the people in it.

What you are about to see is a short feature film that captures and documents this recent July 4th’s Independence Day Fireworks Celebration down at Fort Totten put together for us by our local Councilman Paul Vallone in association with our own Bayside Historical Society and Paul Di Benedetto.

This is NOT a 30 second, quick, internet or facebook flash to just let whiz by you while you are trying to multitask a thousand other things online or while you have the TV on in the background or distracted on a phone call. This is a sincere and heartfelt depiction of your hometown that offers the viewer a deeper insight into the people around you and the very place where you live and presents a slice of Bayside life that will be cherished in the memories of all the people who were there.

If you were there, you will see yourself somewhere in the film and certainly at the end during the credits and if you were not there it is our sincerest hope that this short film wiil make you feel like you were.

This short feature is also important because of what it brings to our self awareness and identity as a community and who we are in the midst of others. It also portays the beauty of the place you call home and serves as an advertisement for others to see how desirable a neighborhood your Bayside, Whitestone, Aurburdale, Douglaston and Northeast Queens is and in the long term, is the kind of thing that enhances our property values.

So, take some time away from all else that you are doing , and enjoy this film that some loving hearts have produced for YOU ❤️

One last thing, please help support these productions by taking a moment to thank our sponsors and tell the store owners and shopkeepers down at Cord Meyer’s Bay Terrace Shopping Center, Michael Campenella over at Bayside Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, Brian McGuiness at Brian Dempseys Ale House, Chris Tsatsaronis at Sterling Pharmancy, and Michael and the guys at Trattoria 35 and Joe, Tina Marie and Muarizio over at IL Bacco in Douglaston because they are the people who care enough to give back to the community they serve and brought you this.

To see the entire fireworks display as it was seen live, click on the video below.


And please share our trailer on Facebook so that more may see the beauty that is Bayside!

Preview of The Second Annual Independence Day Fireworks Celebr…

ANNOUNCEMENT: Here's great news! BaysideLiveTV is now premiering its first short film made specifically for Bayside. Below is a short preview to let you know its on its way. It's a short documentary on the Second Annual Independence Day Fireworks Celebration from Fort Totten. This short trailer is a tiny preview of a personal account of what it was like to be there and highlights all the people that came. Check out the trailer and check back to BaysideLiveTV for the premiere!

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