2016 Children’s Holiday Parade

December 31, 2016
To All Our Bayside Family,
for all our brothers and sisters and neighbors of every race, color, creed , sexual preference and identify in Whitestone and Douglaston and Auburndale, Flushing, Northeast Queens and Beyond:
Here is a present for all of you from the people at BaysideLiveTV.
It’s a slice of our lives here in Bayside that’s incredibly precious to share.

It’s basically a home movie about Bayside with a cast of a thousand people we know from Northeast Queens. There will be people you know in this video , and if you were in or at the Bayside Childrens Holiday Parade you will see yourself somewhere in these videos. There’s this abbreviated short and then three complete feeds of the parade in its entirety from the broadcast Bayside Live TV streamed out “LIVE” that day.

The parade was hours long and we had three cameras shooting it so the short video you see here is just the highlights to share with everybody the sights and sounds and feel of the event, but we captured everyone with no-one left behind and the dance sequences and songs sung by the choirs can be found in there entirety for the families to enjoy and cherish forever in the associated long videos found on the BaysideLiveTV.com site.

Two things to know, we’ve shot these videos so that they could be enjoyed not only while they were happening live and now during this holiday season but forever into the future so that the mother of that beautiful young girl carrying the banner for the St. Kevin’s Girl Scouts can see how radiant her daughter’s smile was that day and so that when that beautiful girl with that radiant smile grows up and has a daughter of her own who’s going to be in the parade can log in and show her daughter times way back when , when she was in the parade as well. It’s so the kid with the red Bayside Rebels shirt who flashes us the Peace sign can see himself today, and in later years after he’s graduated college and come home for the holidays to be with family and reminisce. It’s for the Auburndale Soccer team and the members of the Wolverine’s and the Dwarf Giraffes and the students in the MM Rock and Roll Camp and the Queens Dance Project and the St Andrew Avelino, PS 31 and 41 Choirs can see themselves now and forever and whenever they want.

You’ll see Jimmy James , Bayside’s Official Master of Ceremonies and our own Katherine McQuade wearing her crown that she won on the National American Miss Pageant. You’ll see performances by the children of Bayside and Northeast Queens and our community leaders and the lighting of the tree, but most for all , you’ll see us, You’ll see the beauty of us. We are an incredible community. Like no other in the world because as you will see so beautifully demonstrated in this video, there is no place else on the entire earth that has such diversity of cultures and so many people from so many different lands and religions not just coming together and living in beautiful harmony , but SINGING TOGETHER !!! What more beautiful dream of life can all humanity have than that of all people coming together and living in peaceful friendship and loving harmony together. WE HAVE THAT IN BAYSIDE . !!!

Holiday Parade Livestream

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