Bayside Comes to the Rescue: Hurricane Harvey Relief Drive


May 24, 2018

Bayside showed its salt when Hurricane Harvey hit America’s gulf coast and devastated our southern shores and the little town of Bayside, Texas by being one of the very first communities to immediately rise to the occassion and start an emergency relief drive.

Here is a short 5 minute version of a soon to be released documentary about the people, places, organizations and events involved in Bayside’s emergency relief effort that resulted in a warehouse of much needed supplies being gathered, requiring multiple trucks to hold and transport down to help those in need.
The number of people that volunteered their time and the amount of supplies donated was nothing short of overwhelming and incredibly inspiring. If you or someone you know was involved in the relief drive you’re sure to be found in the upcoming documentary produced by Bayside Live TV. This short version concentrates on the story and the people who were at the core of the relief drives orchestration.

You’ll see Arie and Eleanor Forgacs, Debra Corchia , Jessica Corchia-Durozoy and Patrick Durozoy Mary and Joseph Pizzonia, Joseph Spinelli, Kathy Ciofoletti, Bob Reid Sr.. Bob Reid Jr and Megan Reid, The Boy Scouts, Rose Drob-Lemieux, Jeanine Carter, @Peggy Sheridan Patrick Lloyd. Michael Shane, Barbara Saepia and Maureen Saepia. Thomas Pierce, Assemblyman Ed Braunstein and many more.
So, check out this video and see the stuff Bayside is made of ;-)

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