Community Activists’ “Call to Action” to Change the Condition of the Fort Totten Jetty

Community Activists Speak Up about the Jetty

July 23, 2017

Ladies and Gentleman,
Bayside, and Whitestone, and Douglaston and surrounding all of us in Queens is a land with a very rich heritage and people with a long history of exemplifying a uniquely American Spirit. Our American Spirit is that demonstration of the very ideals our Founding Fathers fought for, to provide a new nation with a new way of living. That truly All American Spirit that's so clearly and admirably demonstrated here in Bayside and in evidence all around us is a result of the incredible diversity of people who come here to pursue the dream of dreams, to live in harmony with all manner of human, whomever and whatever they may be, to pursue happiness and individual fulfillment and to build a life as brothers and sisters, as family that looks out for and supports one another, each and every one. To live as heroes do.

This series is also an opportunity for you to enjoy that which you are already a part of and an invitation to participate on a closer level with your community and the efforts being made to not only maintain, but to upgrade your, our, Bayside's quality of life .

Bayside Live TV has the honor of presenting some of those hero brothers and sisters to you now, starting here in this video that introduces us to Kathleen McGurty-Weizer and continues with a short series of videos that will follow. Each single video in this series is an introduction for you to meet and to know your hero brothers and sisters and to hear what they are doing for you, for us, for Bayside and Whitestone and Douglaston and for everyone and all.

This segment highlights hero #2 in this clean up crusade. Joe Oliveri was the first person to step up to the plate and come to Kathleen's call to action and immediately started calling his contacts at the Parks Dept and Dept of Sanitation and was able to secure assistance and a date , August 5th, for the clean up to take place. Head of the Bayside Anglers Fishing Club, Joe and The Bayside Anglers (sounds like a 50s musical group ūüėÄ ) already have and impressive track record of playing their part with annual clean ups of the jetty and pier. Take a moment to listen to Joe and hear what one of your own has been doing on your behalve, on all our behaves that you never knew about and what he's doing now that every one of us needs to be grateful for .

Segment #3 highlights Holly Paul, who is one of the most active members of the community on the Bayside, Queens Group. As the call to action began to take shape, Holly was one of the first to volunteer her time to help beautify the jetty that she calls a "disgrace." Take a minute and listen to her passionate love of nature and the ocean, and give it a like and a share to help raise awareness of the issue.

Segment #4 highlights another member of the group, Peggy Sheridan , who took to BaysideLiveTV's open mic to remind Baysiders of how great a privilege it is to have such a beautiful public area. Peggy speaks of a time when Fort Totten and its waterfront was not open to the public, and calls upon the public to clean up after themselves, so that the area that has been set aside for public use and public enjoyment will remain valuable for generations to come.

The people in Segment #5 are just some of the people who came out to show their support for the restoration of the jetty. Now they are calling on the entire Bayside and Northeast Queens community, to come and not only make the August 5th clean up day a success, but to ensure that it never reaches this same level of filthiness again. You can join their campaign to restore the jetty's beauty by liking and sharing this post, and leave a comment expressing your support!


In Segment #6, Community Leader Heather McHale , talks about the Sacredness of NYC Parks like Fort Totten and how everyone should be able to access them. The Fort Totten jetty currently is only able to accommodate those who can walk across the large and unevenly placed rocks. The solution that has been very popular among these activists is to build a pedestrian pier. Heather, adds that this solution would be a great victory to those who are physically handicapped because it will be much easier to get out on the water. If you would like to see the construction of this pier or have additional ideas of how to make the area around Fort Totten better, leave a comment, and support these leaders by giving this video a like and a share.

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