Lou Duro – The Great Writers of Bayside

July 22, 2017

Bayside Live TV is proud to present a very Special Presentation “Lou Duro, The Great Writers of Bayside.” This Special Presentation highlights one of the greatest and most noteworthy writers to ever come out of our hometown. This highly successful published author with a fascinating life and unique, down home style of writing has written a new book totally about Bayside and growing up here in the 50s and 60s . This Special Presentation builds around an interview with Lou that took place at Martha’s Bakery on Bell Blvd and takes us through The Life and Times of Bayside and connects us to the people and places , music and events of the era . Places like Kitty City, White Castle and the Bayside Movie Theatre, Buzz and Macs, Schmidts and Dicks Candy Store, people like the gangs of Bayside from the West Bayside Zombies and the Corona Dukes and The Baldies. It takes you through the music , the styles , the culture , but most of all, it connects us to a precious place and time in our heritage that gets so perfectly captured by Lou that you’ll own the experience yourself from reading his book
“Be Bop A Lula ” .

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