Living Legends of Bayside: John Ryan and Mark Boccia

Boccia, Ryan, OSP, One Station Plaza, Bourbon Street, Austin's Ale House

October 27, 2017

One Station Plaza
Mark and John

There are times we will remember that some will look back at and call "The Good Ole Days" or "The Golden Years" when change happened and good times overflowed , where we can all look back and point at the reasons and the people and the places that made the difference and made it happen.
Here is the release from our own of its first ever five episode series.
This premier event focuses in on two Living Legends of Bayside . John Ryan and Mark Boccia who brought us Bourbon Street and it's roof top bar and just recently upgraded the entrance to our town, the gateway to Bayside that greets everyone at the Bayside LIRR Train Station with their bringing back the glory days and nostalgia of another great era in Bayside when One Station Plaza was "THE PLACE" to see and be scene and that reclaims that distinction for all of us to enjoy.
The Special Note about this series about Mark and John is that it's not only about them,
but it benchmarks what is becoming a whole new atmosphere among the local commerce with other businesses for the first time, publicly recognizing and thanking other business developers, in this case, Mark and John, for the significant contribution they have made to the health and prosperity of all the other businesses in Bayside as they reinstate Bayside at the top of the list of first choice destinations .

Watch Parts 1 - 4 Now!

Part 1

Part 3

Part 2

Part 4

2 thoughts on “Living Legends of Bayside: John Ryan and Mark Boccia

  1. My wife and I had our first date at Bourbon Street way back in 2008. Historic location in Bayside for decades. Glad to see it doing well. Good also to see the area around the One Station Plaza re-vitalized.

    1. Tom Padilla , It’s like a renaissance has come to Bayside . We’d like to think Bayside Live TV has had something to do with that but what Mark and John have brought to the town is immeasurable . Hopefully you’ve been to the rooftop bar they’ve added to Bourbon Street . Love hearing the romance story of the first date at Bourbon. I wonder how many of these they’ve had ­čśë

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