“The Pop Up Show” from Nippon Cha

BaysideLiveTV.com is proud to present “The Pop Up Show” live from Nippon Cha located right in the heart of Bayside at the intersection of Bell Blvd and 40th Ave.

This episode of The Pop Up Show is brought to us by Bayside Live TV’s Health and Wellness partner Epic4Health.com and Verizon Best Wireless US, Bayside Live TV’s wireless technology parttner and features interviews with Host Crystal Long and with commentary from Victor Mimoni.

You’ll hear from Kevin McShane from Epic 4 Health along with our favorite nutritionist Nicole . You’ll hear tips from beauty and skin care expert Elena from BodyBrite, you’ll here interviews with Mr. Li and Rich from Nippon Cha and Frank from Best Wireless US Bayside’s authorized Verizon dealer. You’ll Hear from Nippon Cha restuarant owner himself Mr. Li and Rich and be given a tour as Chef Steve takes you into their kitchen . You’ll hear from Bayside’s own Music Queen Michelle Marie and hear about her Rock And Roll camp. You’ll also hear from Dana Malave and Dr. Ronit Vilan our holistic medicine experts .

There’s a lot to learn and a lot to see in this series from Bayside Live TV that is being released in 9 individual episodes starting on Friday evening with the opening of the show and an interview with Nippon Cha owner Mr. Changqi Li.

Tune in and learn how you can get on “The Pop Up Show”

"Welcome to Pop Up"

Crystal, Gregg, and Victor welcome everyone to Bayside's New Web Series, "The Pop Up Show". The show will emanate from various venues around Bayside and will feature a great variety of guests.

"Mr. Lee & Rich
Talk About Their Restaurant"

Segment Two of "The Pop Up Show Goes to Nippon Cha" is an indepth interview by our own Crystal C. Long with Mr. Changqi Li. Co-Owner of Nippon Cha. His partner Minly Li was not able to join us for this show. In her place is Rich, the master donut maker who's incredible donuts have become a Sunday morning tradition for more Baysider's than Changqi or Rich could have imagined with people starting to line up early in the morning to grab some of Rich's masterpieces before they're sold out .

"In The Kitchen with Chef Steve"

Chef Steve takes us inside the kitchen at Nippon Cha to see what goes into preparing a meal.

"Body, Mind & Spirit"

In this segment we take a special look inside Body Brite Bayside with Elena, and Lynn talks about her new book.

"Let's Talk Social Media"

Crystal, Gregg, Dana, and Eleni talk about how to talk to people online, and how amazing it is to see all the sorts of things that people share.

Michelle Marie from MM Rock Camp

Michelle Marie talks about her Rockband Camp for kids, and gives us a look at how they chose the songs they performed at this years Children's Holiday Parade.

"The Bayside Holistic Wellness Center"

Dr. Vonit Vilah and Dana Malave from the Bayside Holistic Wellness center get to the root of your issues and find ways to solve them.

Gregg & Kevin Talk Nutrition

Gregg Interviews Kevin from Bayside's own Epic4Health.com.

"Nutritionist Nicole"

Nicole from Epic4Health.com joins Gregg and Crystal on The Pop Up Show to drink some tea and talk about the vitamin Ashwagandha.

"Deserts Are the Best Way To End The Night"

After a great night of conversation, everyone enjoys some great desserts from Nippon Cha.

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