Pop Up at the Castle!

June 10, 2016
Here’s a thick slice of rich Bayside life for everybody to have some fun with. It’s a cluster of short documentaries that bring the recent “Pop Up at the Castle” art show held at the Bayside Historical Society down in Fort Totten into your lives and for you to check out and get into.

In it you’ll see individual interviews with the artists conducted by some guest hosts like Ocelia Claro from our Community Board 11, you’ll see interviews conducted by Bayside Historical Society and Community Board 11 members Alim S. Gafar and Paulie Coconuts ( a lot with Paulie ­čśÇ ) and Alim interviewing the interviewers when he interviews Paulie Coconuts and Co- producers Willy Airaldi and John ONeil in a video that illustrates once again, our determination to have some fun and never take ourselves too seriously ­čśÇ . You’ll also get to meet guest celebrity hosts with great personalities like Lourdes and Lucy and you’ll get a rare chance to meet and bring some new friends into your life and get to know people from Bayside that you might not otherwise.

Just so you know , this is not a rush through , hit and run , gotta get on Facebook and see as much as possible in as short amount of time as possible because you’re frantically searching for something to see on-line though you’re not sure what or why your looking at everything so frantically kind of thing.

This is an opportunity to enrich your life by getting an intimate look into the lives of other Bayside’s like you , and to see the world through the eyes of these gorgeous artists whose vision and desires for self expression carry messages that will mean something to anyone who has the ability to receive them.

These are really beautiful people, friends and neighbors that you may already know, and if not you will really enjoy meeting as long as you slow down and take the time to hear them.

There’s Jeanne Tassaro, Alex Mirasol, Fabiola Fiore , Shea Hsu, Glenn Heckman Jr. . there’s me interviewing Facebook royalty Steven Otero and Alim S. Gafar interviewing Maria Provenzano Sausa and Cristina Pinto and Paulie Coconuts beating me to the chance to interview Melissa Brodman┬áand there’s this really moving piece where Willy and Maria take you for a tour of the centerpiece of the show that talks about the innocence of youth and complexity of vision and way the world can work right here in Bayside.

So, Welcome everybody, here is a wonderful slice of Bayside life with a little history mixed in for you to enjoy. 😉


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