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VI Pizza prepares Pizza for School Safety Agents – The Forgotten Front Liners

VI Pizza is preparing pizzas to donate to the Forgotten Front Liners, the School Safety Agents that are keeping the public safe as they line up to get food from the School Food Program. Luigi and the guys are making a number of different VIP favorites to share with these very important and dedicated people. […]

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Dead Body Found in the Water at Little Bay Park

  Live on the Scene: 12:54 PM   Posted by on Friday, March 27, 2020     Live on the Scene: 4:50 PM   Special Report: Posted by on Friday, March 27, 2020     To all our followers, here is our response to the criticism we received regarding our showing the covered, […]

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Community Activists Speak Up about the Jetty

Community Activists’ “Call to Action” to Change the Condition of the Fort Totten Jetty

July 23, 2017 Ladies and Gentleman, Bayside, and Whitestone, and Douglaston and surrounding all of us in Queens is a land with a very rich heritage and people with a long history of exemplifying a uniquely American Spirit. Our American Spirit is that demonstration of the very ideals our Founding Fathers fought for, to provide […]

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